Power Into The Future!

We’re getting an upgrade and so are you! Neighborhood Credit Union is in the process of a complete System Upgrade. 

We’re powering into the future and laying the groundwork for the latest technology to strengthen and enhance your banking options. Once the upgrade is complete, it will mean more ease, more speed and more power.

We have even more great news! While System Upgrades do signal some changes, we are pleased to share that not everything will change during this process.


  • Your account numbers will not change
  • You can continue using your same Checks & VISA® Check/ATM Cards
  • Automatic savings, deposits and loan payments will not be affected
  • Your current certificate and loan terms will remain the same
  • All of your direct deposits, electronic transfers and automatic payments will continue as scheduled
  • And Much More!

As you would imagine, our System Upgrade is a significant undertaking. This project has been in place for the past year with many Neighborhood Credit Union team members actively working to ensure a smooth transition. Now that we are approaching the final stage, we’re excited to share the news with you! Over the coming months, you will receive various mailings and emails informing you of our progress. We ask that you give these communications your special attention. This website is your resource for all of the important information regarding your upgrade. Read on and get ready to soar as we Power into the Future!